Dir. Georgia Parris
2018 • 5 MINS • UK
Genre: Dance • Language: English

During final rehearsals for a career defining performance, we follow an ambitious dancer in the moments after realising she's pregnant.

Abandon is a film about a woman in her 30’s who is pregnant and struggling with the dilemma of having a career or having a baby.

Georgia: “This is a very real subject matter that’s happening to myself and my friends around me. A lot of the women i’m seeing in film can feel quite stereotypical and i’ve seen that character done a hundred times and it’s not a fair representation of the women that are around me and that i’m observing. So i feel a responsibility to start adding to that conversation.”


Underwire Film Festival - Best Director (Nomination)
Underwire Film Festival - Best Sound Design (Nomination)
Aesthetica Short Film Festival - Best Short Film (Nomination)


Tiny Dance Film Festival (2018)
EnCore: Dance on Film (2018)
INSHADOW Film Festival (2018)
Arc Film Festival (2018)
Underwire Film Festival (2017)
Aesthetica Short Film Festival (2017)
East End Film Festival (2017)
Bestias Danzantes Dance Film Festival (2017)
Hackney Attic Film Festival (2017)
Short Sounds Film Festival (2017)
Red Finch Film Festival (2017)
Hidden Film Festival Worldwide (2017)