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ABSENCE has a better twist than most two hour Hollywood films.
— Take one

Dir. Rob Savage
2015 • 3 MINS • UK
Genre: Drama • Language: Latin

A short film about the grieving process starring Paul McGann.

Absence is, on its surface, about the emptiness that can follow the loss of a loved one. After all the drama and the tears, you find yourself waking up with the alarm clock and still carrying out your usual routines—doing so because that's just what you do, and because carrying on as though everything is normal might be the only way to make it so, eventually.  

Rob: "With Absence, we wanted to tackle the subject of grief in an interesting way, peppering clues throughout a short runtime that genre fans would appreciate, before pulling the rug from under the audiences' feet.  
The 4:3 ratio concentrates the audiences’ view towards the centre of the image, there’s also a great amount of detail hidden throughout the film that becomes apparent on second viewing – some that only horror film fans will spot. For instance, almost every shot has a crucifix hidden somewhere, either as a physical object or just a shape/shadow/out-of-focus blob."

Photo Credits: Dan Hawkins


Best Short Film - National Film Awards 2016 (Nominated)
Best Short Film - Abertoir Film Festival 2015 (Nominated)


BFI London Film Festival 2015
Fright Fest 2015
Cambridge Film Festival 2015
Raindance Film Festival 2015
Colchester Film Festival 2015
Abertoir Film Festival 2015
London Short Film Festival 2016
British Shorts Berlin 2016
Dublin Film Festival 2016
Victoria Film Festival 2016
KinoFilm 2016
BFI Future Film Festival 2016
Amarcort Film Festival 2016
Indiana Short Film Festival 2016
Chiddingly Film Festival 2016
Fancine (Malaga) 2016

Spare and beautiful, it turns, exquisitely, into something more disturbing.
— Marc Cousins
The one to watch at Raindance.
— hunger tv


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