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Dark Road


A Scottish Film Talent Network production in association with Shadowhouse Films

Dir. Rory Gibson
2019 • 16 MINS • UK
Genre: Drama • Language: English

Two young men are compelled toward one another through a shared grief.

With this film, we set out to explore a space where mental health and masculinity intersect, and to ask how we deal with this, both as young men and as a society.

Rory: “From the seeds of personal experience, I’ve written a story about friendship and mental health that feels intensely personal, and I hope is universal. Mental health in young men is not something we talk about, and when we do it is often misunderstood. I think it’s an essential important topic to explore on screen in 2018.

For me, the film is about the myriad possibilities of human connections; flawed, fleeting, beautiful, and unique as they are. I believe that only by showing where it is lacking, can we express true beauty. And by showing just a glimpse of what could be between John and Sean, we show what they, and we, are missing.”

Photo Credits: Luka Vukos


Edinburgh International Film Festival - Best Short (Nominated)


Edinburgh International Film Festival 2019