Dawn of the Deaf

This film was made with support from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama & Findie.

Dir. Rob Savage
2016 • 12 MINS • UK
Genre: Sci-Fi/Horror • Language: English, British Sign Language

When a strange sound wipes out the hearing population, a small group of D/deaf people must band together to survive.

Dawn of the Deaf showcases the very best of what a short film can do.
— Cut-Print-Film

Dawn of the Deaf aims to connect [British] deaf and hearing audiences in an engaging thrilling way and also speaks to the common misconception that deafness is only a disability.

Rob: “More than anything, we wanted to present a situation where a perceived disability became a tool of survival — while the film deals with abuse and discrimination, there’s also a sense of the characters not being defined by their deafness, which was important to us. I was definitely expecting some skepticism, but found that whenever we pitched the idea to deaf collaborators, they all saw the narrative as being empowering, the fact that their deafness becomes their ultimate tool of survival.”

Photo Credits: Samuel Dore


BAFTA - Best British Short Film (Shortlisted)
Sitges International Film Festival - Melies D'argent for Best Short (Won)
Best Horror Film - Short of the Week Awards 2018 (Won)
Monsters of Film - Best Short (Won)
Toronto After Dark - Silver Short Film Award (Won)
Deaffest - Grand Prize (Won)
Kaleidoscope LGBT Film Festival - Best Short (Won)
Anatomy Film Festival 2017 - Best Sound (Won)
Monster Fest - Honourable Mention
Encounters International Film Festival - Grand Prize (Nominated)
Fantasia - Best Short Film (Nominated)
Fantastic Fest - Best Short Film (Nominated)
Nashville Film Festival - Graveyard Shift Award (Nominated)
RazorReel Flanders - Melies D'argent for Best Short (Nominated)
Molins Film Festival - Melies D'argent for Best Short (Nominated)
MotelX - Melies D'argent for Best Short (Nominated)
Trieste Science + Fiction - Melies D'argent for Best Short (Nominated)
Strasbourg Fantastic Film Festival - Melies D'argent for Best Short (Nominated)
FilmQuest - Best Screenplay (Nominated)
FilmQuest - Best Ensemble (Nominated)
Twister Alley - Best Short Film (Nominated)
FanCine Film Festival - Melies D'argent for Best Short (Nominated)
Twister Alley Film Festival - Best Midnight Short (Nominated)
B-Movie & Underground Film Festival - Best Short Film (Nominated)
Final Frame Film Competition - Best Short Film (Nominated)

Smart, creepy and full of surprises - a refreshingly origional take on the zombie apocalypse.
— Jamie Russell, Book of the Dead
The Girl With All The Gifts now has a contender for British zombie flick of the year.
— Horror Cult Films


Sundance Film Festival 2017
Sundance London Film Festival 2017
BFI London Film Festival 2016
Sitges International Film Festival 2016
Fantastic Fest 2016
Fantasia 2016
Frightfest 2016
Cleveland International Film Festival 2017
Moscow Film Festival 2017
Sydney Film Festival 2017
Nashville Film Festival 2017
Omaha Film Festival 2017
Encounters International Film Festival 2016
Uppsala International Film Festival 2016
Go Short – International Short Film Festival Nijmegen 2017
Toronto Inside Out 2017
Outfest LA 2017
Court Metrange Festival 2017
Cork Film Festival 2016
Dublin Film Festival 2017
Glasgow Film Festival 2017
London Short Film Festival 2017
Toronto After Dark 2016
Las Vegas Film Festival 2017
FilmQuest 2017
British Shorts Berlin 2017
Festival International du Film Fantastique de Bruxelles 2017
CINEDEAF - Rome International Deaf Film Festival 2017
MotelX Film Festival 2016
Molins Film Festival 2016
Kerry Film Festival 2016
Kyiv International Short Film Festival 2017
Cucalorus Film Festival 2016
East End Film Festival 2017
Razor Reel Flanders 2016
Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival 2016
Overlook Film Festival 2017
Trieste Science + Fiction 2016
FanCine Film Festival 2016
Kaleidoscope 2017
Duhok International Film Festival 2017
ZUBROFFKA Short Film Festival 2017
Y'a un Os dans le Potage 2017
BBC See Hear Festival 2016
Saskatoon Fantastic Film Festival 2016
Chicago Critics Film Festival 2017
Ramaskrik Film Festival 2016

Morbido Film Festival 2016
Mayhem Film Festival 2016
Celluloid Screams 2016
Nightmares Film Festival 2017
Twister Alley Film Festival 2017
Fastnet Film Festival 2017Fantaspoa 2017
Colchester Film Festival 2017
B-Movie & Underground Film Festival 2016
Landshut Short Film Festival 2017
Monster Fest 2016
Spooky Empire Film Festival 2016
Monsters of Film 2016
Final Frame Film Competition 2017
South Africa Horror Festival 2016
MiniKino Film Festival 2016
Fright Nights Festival 2016
Fangoria Fearcon 2016
Crested Butte Film Festival 2017
Amsterdam LGBTQ Film Festival 2018
Mardi Gras Film Festival 2018HorrorHaus Festival 2017
aGLIFF 2017
MisCon 2017
Szczecin European Film Festival 2016
Shortcutz Figueiró dos Vinhos 2016
Boomtown Festival 2017
New Orleans Trauma 2016
CineDeaf Film Festival 2017
SouthSide Film Festival 2017
GEM Festival 2017
Georgetown University Film Festival 2017
Fantosfreak Short Film Festival 2017
ShorTS Film Festival 2017
Concorto Film Festival 2017
Eskisehir Film Festival 2017
Concorto Film Festival 2017
Stuff MX Film Festival 2017
Unrestricted View Horror Festival 2016
Little Terrors Film Festival 2016
Shivers Film Festival 2016
Twin Cities Horror Festival 2016
TSWY International Film Festival 2017
Anatomy Film Festival 2017
Fandependent Films 2017
Zwarte Cross Festival 2017
Fake Flesh Film Fest 2016
15 Short Film Festival 2017
Red Ditch Halloween Film Festival 2016


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