Healey's House

This film was made with support from The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama and Bullion Productions 

Dir. Rob Savage
2015 • 16 MINS • UK
Genre: Drama/Thriller • Language: English

A young couple travel from England to Scotland to address a haunting memory from their past.

A sublime attention to detail in this atmospheric piece, Healey’s House is as affecting as it is tragic.
— UK Film Review

Healey’s House explores how stagnation of long-held internal emotions and grief can push people to extremes in search of closure.

Rob “The original concept for Healey’s House was born on a long Boxing Day walk with co-writer Kate Herron, we came up with the image of a “tired, mysterious couple turning up at a run-down gas station” and developed the rest of the story on the back of this initial scene.


Behind the Scenes by Dan Hawkins Film -

Photo Credit - Dan Hawkins


Raindance Film Festival - Best British Short (Winner)
Encounters International Film Festival - Grand Prize (Nominated)


Raindance Film Festival
Encounters International Film Festival
London Short Film Festival
Molodist Film Festival