(feature / development)

A group of beauty queens find themselves under attack from an alien force during the last night of their pageant.

In her final year, Lauren, a serial beauty pageant contestant, is given one last chance to win when the frontrunner is sent into a coma. Always the runner-up, and never the queen; this could be her year! was... until stylish newcomer, Meghan, joins the contest and they find the pageant under alien attack. Unable to know who they can trust and terrible at working together, the contestants must form an uneasy alliance. The fight for the crown has become a fight for survival in this female-led The-Thing-meets-Mean-Girls apocalyptic comedy.

Developed with Film London, BFI & BBC Films

Director. Kate Herron
Writers. Kate Herron & Briony Redman
Producers. Douglas Cox & Dominic Buchanan

Miss_Universe_Head extrude.jpg

(short / pre production)

John is consumed by guilt after crashing the car that killed his best friend Isaac, This violent end to a complex relationship leaves John emotionally at sea and demonised by the local community and Isaac’s family. When John encounters Isaac’s younger brother Sean at a party, himself struggling to process his grief, the two are compelled towards a reckoning by their peers.

A Scottish Film Talent Network Production in association with Shadowhouse Films

Writer & Director. Rory Gibson
Producer. Douglas Cox

(music short / post production)

Set in the 1920’s, Verity is a young girl whom it’s believed, wrongly, can act as a medium to contact loved ones who died in the war.  With so many families looking for closure, how long can she keep up the act and how long can she contain her guilt.

A collaboration with Dear Reader.

Director. Rob Savage
Writers. Rob Savage & Cherilyn MacNeil
Producer. Douglas Cox